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Mini Sessions

During a mini session, we get to spend a little time together, capturing some send-to-mom-worthy photos without the need for wardrobe changes or location changes. They're sweet and simple.


Timing: Typically lasts 30min - 1hr and includes 40-60 images

Pricing: $150-$200 

Full Sessions

During a full session, we spend a pretty good chunk of time together, making sure we use up all of our ideas. We can do wardrobe changes, location changes, etc. Full sessions are more flexible and more creative, which is why they're popular for more elaborate engagement photos, senior photos, and family portraits.


Timing: Typically lasts 2 - 3hrs and includes 75-125 images

Pricing: $200-$300 (depending on location & time)


If you have an idea for a photo session together that just doesn't seem to fit in the above categories, feel free to jump over to the "contact" page and shoot me a message about it! Let's work together!


Please message me about engagement shoots and weddings!

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