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celia rawson


celia rawson


let's do this thing



celebrate your milestones with authentic family, motherhood, and graduation photos



capturing the stories + moments that matter most



often found third-wheeling people in love

in the places they love


"Celia made us feel so comfortable right off the bat! She knew exactly where to go for the best lighting and the whole experience was great from start to finish!"

kind words

meet your new third wheel

The person you invite to be behind the camera is important, which is why I think we should get to know each other.

I'm passionate about not only good donuts,

but also good stories. Telling them. Capturing them. Being a part of them.

Whether you choose to have a huge, family-packed wedding or an intimate elopement on your own, my hope is to create something meaningful; something that feels genuine and true to you and those you love.  


I'm a big proponent of candid moments and big emotions and I believe in capturing your milestones in a way that's comfy and authentic.

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